A Dialogue with Public Space

Fieldwork Facility

A project to engage Londoners with the nature and success of the cities public spaces

A Dialogue with Public Space was a 2007 project to engage the public with public space. We travelled around London creating a series of typographic interventions within the urban environment. These interventions featured rhetoric statements which encouraged the viewer to question the nature and success of London’s public spaces.

The interventions were photographed and collated into a two-person book which engages the readers with space itself. Two books are bound together. One book is titled ‘A Dialogue with Public Space’ featuring all of the odd numbered pages, and the other ‘A Dialogue with Privately owned Public Space’ has all of the even numbered pages. The Two Person Book is designed to make sure the readers are engaged with space so that they can relate to the content of the book; the pages of the book unfold to A0 size whilst the pagination makes the readers communicate over the content; like a good conversation.

  • communication: Campaign / Book / Environment
  • experience: Experience / Interventions / Communication Ecosystems / Location specific communication