Topology at Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Event identity and promotional material folding in topological concepts to the design

Fieldwork Facility designed the identity, catalogue and promotional material for Topology at Tate Modern, a six month long programme of keynote conversations, performances and seminars dedicated to exploring the secrets of space through Topology’s trans-disciplinary nature.

The identity and visual language for the events are drawn from key Topological concepts; multiplicity, borders and transformation. Topology was originally a mathematical concept to explore space that has since influencd Architects, Artists, Psychologists and Psychoanalysts.

  • communication: Identity / Campaign / Posters / Printed literature /

Topology at Tate Modern: Initiated by Jean Matthee.
Curated by Jean Matthee with Bernard Burgoyne, Marko Daniel, Julian Henriques, Celia Lury and Brian Rotman.

Cover image: Rion Nakaya